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ImgBurn Review

Rating: 5 / 5

Verdict: Minimal and powerful - perfect for the user that can get by without a wizard.

ImgBurn is a powerful and easy to use alternative to expensive CD/DVD burning software like Ahead Nero or Roxio Creator. While ImgBurn doesn't offer wizards for each different task, it's simple enough that our Moms could use it (and they do!)

Where ImgBurn really excels is in its versatility, with support for close to 20 different types of disk images. In addition to burning optical discs, ImgBurn can also write disk images to a hard drive, USB thumb drive, memory stick, or just about any other type of drive supported by Windows. This is great for installing Windows from a thumb drive, for instance.

The big downside is the lack of support for burning regular Audio CDs from MP3s, or burning DVDs from video files (AVI, MPG, etc), but we use ImgBurn for everything else. In our experience, other CD burning software (especially what is built into Windows XP and Vista) just doesn't cut when compared to the reliability of ImgBurn.

ImgBurn Screenshot