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PC MightyMax 2009 Review

Rating: 5 / 5

Verdict: Solid and easy to use registry cleaner that we'd recommend to our parents.


  • Safe (we're happy to recommend it to family and friends)
  • Not intrusive (some other registry cleaners are difficult to remove)
  • Effective (we actually notice some speed improvement and fewer errors after using it)
  • Easy to Use
  • No Spyware/Adware (some other registry cleaners are bundled with adware)


  • No support for Windows 98/ME
  • Cost (You can only use it on one computer at a time. Some of the other registry cleaners allow you to use their products on up to three computers.)


We often get asked about Registry Cleaners by our friends and family. People usually want to know if they need a registry cleaner, and which ones are any good? These are questions we get asked so often that tried out all the major registry cleaners at one time or another (PC SpeedScan Pro, Registry Mechanic, CCleaner, PC MightyMax and Wise Registry Cleaner among many others), and we've been the happiest with PC MightyMax.

The Windows Registry is a tricky thing because you can pretty easily cripple your computer by making the wrong changes or removing something that's supposed to stay. Whenever we get asked about a specific registry cleaner, our next hour usually goes something like this:

  • Install the registry cleaner on a test computer
  • Purchase a license if it's not free (we're not huge fans of this step, but it's the only way we can make a good recommendation)
  • Run the scan and repair all the problems
  • Does the computer still work? If not, don't recommend this registry cleaner!
  • Does the computer still work? Does it seem a little faster? Are any errors repaired? If so, recommend it!

We've seen a wide range of results from testing registry cleaners, everywhere from breaking our test computers to speeding them up and reducing the number of occasional errors. PC MightyMax 2009 falls in the latter group.


Registry Scan (software locations, registry integrity, windows fonts, help and resources, shared dlls, startup programs, add/remove programs, program associations, custom controls)

Creates a system restore point before making any changes

Ability to "undo" any repairs you make if you ever want to

Privacy Scan

Temp File Eraser

Startup Program Manager

Easy access to System Restore, System Information, Control Panel and Windows Update

Editors Pick

PC MightyMax 2009 is of the highest quality of software and has been awarded our Editors Pick Award.

PC MightyMax 2009 Editors Award


PC MightyMax 2009 Screenshot

PC MightyMax 2009 Screenshot