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39 File Extensions starting with A
.A52 Dolby Digital AC-3 Compressed Audio File
.A64 Artist 64 Image
.AAC Advanced Audio Coding Compressed Audio File
.ABS Optocat Image
.ABT AbiWord Template
.ABW AbiWord Document
.AC3 Dolby Digital AC-3 Compressed Audio File
.ACE Ace Compressed Archive
.ACE Aces200 Image
.ACR Dicom Image
.AFX Auto F/X Image
.AIF Audio Interchange Format File
.ALIAS Alias Image File
.ALS Alias Image File
.AMI Amica Paint Image
.ANI Animated Mouse Cursor Image
.ANI Windows Animated Cursor
.ANV AirNav Image
.APE Monkey's Audio Compressed Audio File
.APX Photopaint Image
.ARF ARF Image
.ARJ Archived by Robert Jung Compressed Archive
.ARN Astronomical Research Network Image
.ART Art Director Image
.ART Artisan Image
.ART Advanced Art Studio Image
.ART Pfs Art Publisher Image
.ASA ASP Configuration File
.ASAX ASP.Net Open XML Configuration File
.ASF Advanced Systems Format Video
.ASP Active Server Page Source File
.ASPX ASP.Net Open XML Source File
.ASX Advanced Stream Redirector
.ATK Andrew Toolkit raster object Image
.ATT AT&T Group 4 Image
.AU Sun / NeXT Audio File
.AU3 AutoIt Script
.AVI Audio Video Interleave
.AVS Stardent AVS X Image