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36 File Extensions starting with R
.R00 WinRAR Archive Partial File
.RA RealMedia Audio File
.RAD Radiance Image
.RAF Raw Image File
.RAM RealMedia Audio File
.RAR WinRAR Compressed Archive
.RAS Sun Raster Image
.RAST Sun Rasterfile
.RAW Raw Image File
.RC C++ Resource Compiler Script
.REV WinRAR Recovery Volume
.RGB Q0 Image
.RGB Silicon Graphics RGB Image
.RGBA Silicon Graphics RGB Image
.RGH ZZ Rough Image
.RIX ColoRIX Image
.RL4 Windows Bitmap Image
.RL8 Windows Bitmap Image
.RLA Wavefront Raster Image
.RLB Wavefront Raster Image
.RLC Image Systems RLC2 Graphic Image
.RLE Intergraph Format Image
.RLE Utah raster Image
.RLE Windows Bitmap Image
.RM RealMedia Streaming Media File
.RMVB RealMedia Variable Bitrate Media File
.RP Rainbow Painter Image
.RPBM Portable Bitmap Image
.RPGM Portable Greyscale Image
.RPM RunPaint (Multicolor) Image
.RPNM Portable Image
.RPPM Portable Image
.RS Sun Rasterfile
.RSB Red Storm Image
.RTF Rich Text Format Document