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117 File Extensions starting with P
.P01 P01 Disk Image
.P64 Picasso 64 Image
.P7 XV Visual Schnauzer Image
.PAC Stad Image
.PAINT Mac Paint Image
.PAN SmoothMove Pan Viewer Image
.PAR Parity Checksum File
.PART Partially Downloaded File
.PAT Gimp Pattern
.PAT Corel Draw Pattern (preview) Image
.PBM Portable Bitmap Image
.PBM Portable Bitmap Image
.PBT Micro Dynamics MARS Image
.PC1 Degas & Degas Elite Image
.PC2 Degas & Degas Elite Image
.PC3 Degas & Degas Elite Image
.PCC Zsoft Publisher's Paintbrush Image
.PCD Kodak Photo CD Image
.PCL Page Control Language Image
.PCT Mac Pict Image
.PCT NIST ihdr Image
.PCX Zsoft Paintbrush Image
.PD Male MRI Image
.PDB Palm AportisDoc Document
.PDB MonkeyCard Image
.PDB MonkeyLogo
.PDB Palm Pilot Image
.PDB Photo Deluxe Image
.PDB TealPaint Image
.PDD Photo Deluxe Image
.PDF Portable Document Format Document
.PDI InstantCopy Disc Image
.PDN Paint.NET Image
.PDS Planetary Data System Image
.PDX Mayura Draw Image
.PE4 Ulead Texture
.PEF Raw Image File
.PFR PaintShopPro Frame
.PG Printfox/Pagefox Image
.PGC Portfolio Graphics Compressed Image
.PGF Portfolio Graphics Image
.PGM Portable Graymap Image
.PHP PHP Source File
.PHP Adobe PhotoParade Image
.PHP3 PHP3 Source File
.PI Blazing Paddles Image
.PI1 Degas & Degas Elite Image
.PI2 Degas & Degas Elite Image
.PI3 Degas & Degas Elite Image
.PI4 Degas & Degas Elite Image
.PI5 Degas & Degas Elite Image
.PI6 Degas & Degas Elite Image
.PIC Macintosh Quickdraw/Pict Image
.PIC PC Paint / Pictor Page Image
.PIC Pixar Image
.PIC Radiance Image
.PIC Rayshade Image
.PIC Advanced Art Studio Image
.PIC Bio-Rad confocal Image
.PIC Psion Serie 3 Bitmap Image
.PIC Softimage
.PIC Stad Image
.PIC WinMIPS Image
.PICIO Pixar Image
.PICT Macintosh Quickdraw/Pict Image
.PICT2 Macintosh Quickdraw/Pict Image
.PIG Ricoh IS30 Image
.PIX Alias Image File
.PIX Truevision Targa Image
.PIX Vort Image
.PIX ESM Software Pix Image
.PIXAR Pixar Image
.PL Perl Source File
.PLS Playlist
.PLT HP Graphics Language Image
.PM Perl Module
.PM X11 Pixmap Image
.PM PM Image
.PMG Paint Magic Image
.PMP Sony DSC-F1 Cyber-shot Image
.PNG Portable Network Graphic Image
.PNM Portable Image
.PNT Mac Paint Image
.PNTG Mac Paint Image
.POT Microsoft PowerPoint Template
.POTM Microsoft Open XML Macro-Enabled PowerPoint Template
.POTX Microsoft Open XML PowerPoint Template
.PP4 Micrografx Picture Publisher 4.0 Image
.PP5 Micrografx Picture Publisher 5.0 Image
.PPM Portable Pixelmap Image
.PPP Punk Productions Picture
.PPS Microsoft PowerPoint Show
.PPSX Microsoft Open XML PowerPoint Show
.PPT Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
.PPTM Microsoft Open XML Macro-Enabled PowerPoint Presentation
.PPTX Microsoft Open XML PowerPoint Presentation
.PR Sun Icon/Cursor
.PRC Picture Gear Pocket Image
.PRF Polychrome Recursive Format Image
.PRI Prisms Image
.PSD Adobe Photoshop Image
.PSE IBM Printer Page Segment Image
.PSF PhotoStudio File
.PSP PaintShopPro Image
.PST Ulead Pattern
.PSW Pocket Word Document
.PWP Seattle Film Works multi-image
.PXA Pixia Image
.PXA Pegs Image
.PXB Pixibox Image
.PXI PXI Disk Image
.PXL Pocket Excel Spreadsheet
.PXR Pixar Image
.PXS Pegs Image
.PZL Puzzle Image
.PZP MGI Photosuite Project Image