free programs to open any file extension
60 File Extensions starting with C
.C C Source File
.C2D C2D Disk Image
.C4 Edmics Image
.CAB Cabinet Compressed Archive
.CAL CALS Raster Image
.CALS CALS Raster Image
.CAM Casio QV-10/100 Camera Image
.CAN Canon Navigator Fax Image
.CAR NeoBook Cartoon Image
.CAT Photomatrix Image
.CBM Fuzzy bitmap Image
.CCD CCD Disk Image
.CD CD Disk Image
.CDI CD Image File
.CDR Raw CD Audio File
.CDR Corel Draw Bitmap (preview) Image
.CDU CDU Paint Image
.CE Computer Eyes, Digital Vision Image
.CE1 ComputerEyes Raw Image
.CE2 ComputerEyes Raw Image
.CEL Kiss Cel Image
.CFT Optigraphics Image
.CGI Perl Source File
.CGM Computer Graphics Metafile
.CHM Compiled Help File
.CIF CIF Disk Image
.CIN Kodak Cineon Image
.CIT Intergraph Format Image
.CKZ CKZ Checksum File
.CLO Cloe Ray-Tracer Image
.CLOE Cloe Ray-Tracer Image
.CLP Windows Clipboard Image
.CLP PC Paint / Pictor Page Image
.CLP GoDot Image
.CMP Discorp CMP Image
.CMT Chinon ES-1000 digital camera Image
.CMU CMU Window Manager Image
.CMX Corel Metafile Exchange (preview) Image
.CODE eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation File
.CONFIG Configuration File
.CP8 CP8 256 Gray Scale Image
.CPI Calamus Image
.CPIO CPIO Compressed Archive
.CPP C++ Source File
.CPT CorelDraw Photopaint Image
.CR2 Raw Image File
.CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check Checksum File
.CRG Calamus Image
.CRW Raw Image File
.CS C# Source File
.CSPROJ C# Project File
.CSS Cascading Style Sheets Source File
.CSV Comma Separated Value Database
.CT Iris CT Image
.CUE Cue Sheet
.CUR Mouse Cursor Image
.CURSOR Sun Icon/Cursor
.CUT Dr Halo Image
.CVP Portrait Image
.CXX C++ Source File