free programs to open any file extension
40 File Extensions starting with D
.DAO DAO Disk Image
.DAT Data File
.DAT VCD Video
.DBF dBASE Database
.DCM Dicom Image
.DCR Raw Image File
.DCX Multipage PCX Image
.DCX Zsoft Multi-page Paintbrush Image
.DCX Zsoft Publisher's Paintbrush Image
.DD Doodle C64 Image
.DDS Microsoft DirectDraw Surface
.DI Raw CD Audio File
.DIA Dia UML Diagram
.DIB Windows Bitmap Image
.DIF Data Interchange Format Document
.DIS DKB Ray-Tracer Image
.DIVX DivX Movie
.DJV DjVu Document
.DJVU DjVu Document
.DLL Dynamic Link Library
.DMG Mac OS X Disk Image
.DNG Raw Image File
.DOC Corel WordPerfect Document
.DOC Microsoft Word Document
.DOCM Microsoft Word XML Document
.DOCX Microsoft Open XML Word Document
.DOO Doodle Atari Image
.DOT Microsoft Word Template
.DOTM Microsoft Word XML Template
.DOTX Microsoft Open XML Word Template
.DPX DPX Image
.DRZ Draz Paint Image
.DTS Digital Theater Systems Audio File
.DV Digital Video
.DVD DVD Disk Image
.DWF AutoCAD Drawing
.DWG AutoCAD Drawing
.DXF AutoCAD Drawing eXchange Format Drawing
.DXF AutoCAD Drawing