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Metadata Files
Metadata Files
Types of Metadata Files (52 File Extensions)
.ABT AbiWord Template
.ASA ASP Configuration File
.ASX Advanced Stream Redirector
.B4S Winamp 3+ Playlist
.BTSEARCH BitTorrent Search File
.BUP DVD Information File
.CGM Computer Graphics Metafile
.CKZ CKZ Checksum File
.CODE eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation File
.CONFIG Configuration File
.CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check Checksum File
.CUE Cue Sheet
.DOT Microsoft Word Template
.DOTM Microsoft Word XML Template
.DOTX Microsoft Open XML Word Template
.EMF Enhanced Metafile
.IFO DVD Information File
.INI Initialization File
.M3U MP3 Uniform Resource Locator
.MANIFEST Windows Assembly Manifest File
.MD5 MD5 Checksum File
.MET OS/2 Metafile
.MP TeX Metapost Macro
.NFO Downloaded Program Information
.OTP ODF Presentation Template
.OTS ODF Spreadsheet Template
.OTT ODF Text Document Template
.PAR Parity Checksum File
.PLS Playlist
.POT Microsoft PowerPoint Template
.POTM Microsoft Open XML Macro-Enabled PowerPoint Template
.POTX Microsoft Open XML PowerPoint Template
.SFV SFV Checksum File
.SHAPE Dia Shape File
.SRT DVD Subtitles File
.STC Apache OpenOffice 1.0 Spreadsheet Template
.STI Apache OpenOffice 1.0 Presentation Template
.STW Apache OpenOffice 1.0 Text Document Template
.SVM StarView MetaFile
.TEX TeX PSTricks Macro
.TORRENT BitTorrent Tracker File
.VLC VLC Media Player Data
.VOR StarWriter Template
.VOR StarCalc Template
.VOR StarImpress Template
.WMF Windows Metafile
.XLM Microsoft Excel Macro
.XLT Microsoft Excel Template
.XLTM Microsoft Excel XML Template
.XLTX Microsoft Excel XML Template
.XLW Microsoft Excel Workspace
.XSPF XML Shareable Playlist Format