free programs to open any file extension
36 File Extensions starting with T
.T1 Male MRI Image
.T2 Male MRI Image
.TAAC Sun TAAC Image
.TAO TAO Disk Image
.TAP Oric TAP Image
.TAR TAR Archive
.TARGA Truevision Targa Image
.TAZ TAR Compressed Archive
.TBZ BZip Compressed Tar Archive
.TBZ2 BZip2 Compressed Tar Archive
.TDI Explore (TDI) & Maya Image
.TDIM Digital F/X Image
.TEX PaintShopPro Texture
.TEX TeX PSTricks Macro
.TG4 TG4 Image
.TGA Truevision Targa Image
.TGZ GZip Compressed Tar Archive
.THB KinuPix Skin Image
.TIF Tagged Image File Format Image
.TIFF Tagged Image File Format Image
.TIL Buttonz & Tilez texture
.TILE Eclipse Image
.TIM Sony Playstation TIM Image
.TIM TIFF Revision 6 Image
.TMP Temporary File
.TN1 Tiny Image
.TN2 Tiny Image
.TN3 Tiny Image
.TNL Thumbnail Image
.TNY Tiny Image
.TORRENT BitTorrent Tracker File
.TS DVD Video
.TTF Optigraphics Tiled Image
.TUB PaintShopPro Picture Tube Image
.TXT Comma Separated Value Database
.TXT Text Document