free programs to open any file extension
41 File Extensions starting with B
.B&W ImageLab Image
.B16 PCO Image
.B3D B3D (images) Image
.B4S Winamp 3+ Playlist
.B5I B5I Disk Image
.B5T B5T Disk Image
.BAT Windows Batch File
.BFX Bfx Bitware Image
.BGA OS/2 Bitmap Image
.BIF byLight Image
.BIG Cartes Michelin Image
.BIK Bink Video
.BIN Binary DVD Video
.BIN Binary Disk Image
.BLD MegaPaint Image
.BLK Amiga IFF Image
.BM X11 Bitmap Image
.BMC Embroidery Image
.BMF BMF Image
.BMP Windows Bitmap Image
.BMP Alpha Microsystems BMP Image
.BMS Playback Bitmap Sequence Image
.BOB Bob Raytracer Image
.BPX Truevision Targa Image
.BRK Brooktrout 301 Image
.BRT Brooktrout 301 Image
.BS Printfox/Pagefox Image
.BSH Bash Shell Script
.BTN JustButtons animated bitmap Image
.BTSEARCH BitTorrent Search File
.BUM Poser Bump Image
.BUP DVD Information File
.BW Silicon Graphics RGB Image
.BWI BlinkWrite Disk Image
.BWT BlinkWrite Disk Image
.BZ BZip Compressed Archive
.BZ2 BZip2 Compressed Archive
.B_W ImageLab Image