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.R00 File Extension

WinRAR Archive Partial File

When you compress a file or folder with WinRAR, you have the option to split it into smaller parts. This is one of those parts, and requires all of the other parts to extract the archive. Other valid WinRAR Archive Partial File extensions include:

.R01, .R02, .R03, .R04, .R05, .R06, .R07, .R08, .R09, .R10, .R11, .R12, .R13, .R14, .R15, .R16, .R17, .R18, .R19, .R20, .R21, .R22, .R23, .R24, .R25, .R26, .R27, .R28 and .R29

Free programs to use .R00 files:

WinRAR can open, edit and create .R00 files
7-Zip can open .R00 files
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